Год: 2007 – …
Жанр: драма, мелодрама
Телесеть: Lifetime
Слоган: «The Army Has Its Code. The Wives Have Their Own.»
В ролях: Венди Дэвис, Кэтрин Белл, Брайан МакНамара, Стерлинг К. Браун, Сэлли Прессман, Терри Серпико, Ким Делани, Дрю Фуллер, Джон Уайт мл., Бриджид Брэнно
Сезон 7
s07ep13 All or Nothing
s07ep12 Damaged
s07ep11 Adjustment Period
s07ep10 Reckoning
s07ep09 Blood and Treasure
s07ep08 Jackpot
s07ep07 Brace for Impact
s07ep06 Losing Battles
s07ep05 Disarmament
s07ep04 Hearth and Home
s07ep03 Blowback
s07ep02 From the Ashes
s07ep01 Ashes to Ashes
Сезон 6
s06ep23 Onwards
s06ep22 Domestic Maneuvers
s06ep21 Handicap
s06ep20 The War at Home
s06ep19 Centennial
s06ep18 Baby Steps
s06ep17 Hello Stranger
s06ep16 Battle Scars
s06ep15 Tough Love
s06ep14 Fatal Reaction
s06ep13 General Complications
s06ep12 Blood Relative
s06ep11 Fallout
s06ep10 After Action Report
s06ep09 Non-Combatants
s06ep08 Casualties
s06ep07 System Failure
s06ep06 Viral
s06ep05 True Colors
s06ep04 Learning Curve
s06ep03 The Best of Friends
s06ep02 Perchance to Dream
s06ep01 Winds Of War
Сезон 5
s05ep13 Farewell to Arms
s05ep12 Firefight
s05ep11 Drop Zone
s05ep10 Battle buddies
s05ep09 Countermeasures
s05ep08 Supporting Arms
s05ep07 Strategic Alliances
s05ep06 Walking Wounded
s05ep05 Soldier On
s05ep04 On Behalf Of a Grateful Nation
s05ep03 Movement to Contact
s05ep02 Command Presence
s05ep01 Line of Departure
Сезон 4
s04ep18 Forward March
s04ep17 Murder In Charleston
s04ep16 Mud, Sweat & Tears
s04ep15 Hearts & Minds
s04ep14 AWOL
s04ep13 Army Strong
s04ep12 Change Of Station
s04ep11 Safety First
s04ep10 Trial & Error
s04ep09 New Orders
s04ep08 Over and Out
s04ep07 Heavy Losses
s04ep06 Evasive Maneuvers
s04ep05 Guns & Roses
s04ep04 Be All You Can Be
s04ep03 Homefront
s04ep02 Scars & Stripes
s04ep01 Collateral Damage
Сезон 3
s03ep18 Fields of Fire
s03ep17 Fire in the Hole
s03ep16 Shrapnel & Alibis
s03ep15 As Time Goes By...
s03ep14 Need to Know Basis
s03ep13 Duty to Inform
s03ep12 First Response
s03ep11 Operation: Tango
s03ep10 M.I.A.
s03ep09 Coming Home
s03ep08 Post & Prejudice
s03ep07 Onward Christian Soldier
s03ep06 Family Readiness
s03ep05 Disengagement
s03ep04 Incoming
s03ep03 Moving Out
s03ep02 About Face
s03ep01 Best Laid Plans
Сезон 2
s02ep19 Last Minute Changes
s02ep18 Departures, Arrivals
s02ep17 All in the Family
s02ep16 Transitions
s02ep15 Thank You for Letting Me Share
s02ep14 Payback
s02ep13 Safe Havens
s02ep12 Great Expectations
s02ep11 Mothers & Wives
s02ep10 Duplicity
s02ep09 Casting Out the Net
s02ep08 Loyalties
s02ep07 Uncharted Territory
s02ep06 Thicker Than Water
s02ep05 The Hero Returns
s02ep04 Leaving The Tribe
s02ep03 The Messenger
s02ep02 Strangers In A Strange Land
s02ep01 Would You Know My Name
Сезон 1
s01ep13 Goodbye Stranger
s01ep12 Rules of Engagement
s01ep11 Truth and Consequences
s01ep10 Dirty Laundry
s01ep09 Nobody's Perfect
s01ep08 Only the Lonely
s01ep07 Hail & Farewell
s01ep06 Who We Are
s01ep05 Independence Day
s01ep04 One of Our Own
s01ep03 The Art of Separation
s01ep02 After Birth
s01ep01 A Tribe Is Born