Год: 2012 – …
Жанр: драма
Телесеть: ABC
Слоган: «The secret is out»
В ролях: Керри Вашингтон, Коламбус Шорт, Дэрби Стэнчфилд, Кэти Лоус, Гильермо Диас, Джефф Перри, Джошуа Малина, Беллами Янг, Тони Голдуин, Скотт Фоули

Специалист по связям с общественностью Оливия Поуп, ранее работавшая на президента США, создает свое антикризисное агенство, цель которого — устранять проблемы высокопоставленных клиентов до того, как они станут всеобщим достоянием.

Сезон 7
s07ep18 Over a Cliff
s07ep17 Standing in the Sun
s07ep16 People Like Me
s07ep15 The Noise
s07ep14 The List
s07ep13 Air Force Two
s07ep12 Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself (1)
s07ep11 Army of One
s07ep10 The People v. Olivia Pope
s07ep09 Good People
s07ep08 Robin
s07ep07 Something Borrowed
s07ep06 Vampires and Bloodsuckers
s07ep05 Adventures in Babysitting
s07ep04 Lost Girls
s07ep03 Day 101
s07ep02 Pressing the Flesh
s07ep01 Watch Me
Сезон 6
s06ep16 Transfer of Power
s06ep15 Tick Tock
s06ep14 Head Games
s06ep13 The Box
s06ep12 Mercy
s06ep11 Trojan Horse
s06ep10 The Decision
s06ep09 Dead in the Water
s06ep08 A Stomach for Blood
s06ep07 A Traitor Among Us
s06ep06 Extinction
s06ep05 They All Bow Down
s06ep04 The Belt
s06ep03 Fates Worse than Death
s06ep02 Hardball
s06ep01 Survival of the Fittest
Сезон 5
s05ep21 That's My Girl
s05ep20 Trump Card
s05ep19 Buckle Up
s05ep18 Till Death Do Us Part
s05ep17 Thwack!
s05ep16 The Miseducation of Susan Ross
s05ep15 Pencils Down
s05ep14 I See You
s05ep13 The Fish Rots from the Head
s05ep12 Wild Card
s05ep11 The Candidate
s05ep10 It's Hard Out Here for a General
s05ep09 Baby, It's Cold Outside
s05ep08 Rasputin
s05ep07 Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance
s05ep06 Get Out of Jail, Free
s05ep05 You Got Served
s05ep04 Dog-Whistle Politics
s05ep03 Paris Is Burning
s05ep02 Yes
s05ep01 Heavy Is the Head
Сезон 4
s04ep22 You Can't Take Command
s04ep21 A Few Good Women
s04ep20 First Lady Sings the Blues
s04ep19 I'm Just a Bill
s04ep18 Honor Thy Father
s04ep17 Put a Ring on It
s04ep16 It's Good to Be Kink
s04ep15 The Testimony of Diego Muñoz
s04ep14 The Lawn Chair
s04ep13 No More Blood
s04ep12 Gladiators Don't Run
s04ep11 Where's the Black Lady?
s04ep10 Run
s04ep09 Where the Sun Don't Shine
s04ep08 The Last Supper
s04ep07 Baby Made a Mess
s04ep06 An Innocent Man
s04ep05 The Key
s04ep04 Like Father, Like Daughter
s04ep03 Inside the Bubble
s04ep02 The State of the Union
s04ep01 Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia
Сезон 3
s03ep18 The Price of Free and Fair Elections
s03ep17 Flesh and Blood
s03ep16 The Fluffer
s03ep15 Mama Said Knock You Out
s03ep14 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
s03ep13 No Sun on the Horizon
s03ep12 We Do Not Touch the First Ladies
s03ep11 Ride, Sally, Ride
s03ep10 A Door Marked Exit
s03ep09 YOLO
s03ep08 Vermont is for Lovers, Too
s03ep07 Everything's Coming up Mellie
s03ep06 Icarus
s03ep05 More Cattle, Less Bull
s03ep04 Say Hello to My Little Friend
s03ep03 Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington
s03ep02 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
s03ep01 It's Handled
Сезон 2
s02ep22 White Hat's Back On
s02ep21 Any Questions?
s02ep20 A Woman Scorned
s02ep19 Seven Fifty-Two
s02ep18 Molly, You in Danger, Girl
s02ep17 Snake in the Garden
s02ep16 Top of the Hour
s02ep15 Boom Goes the Dynamite
s02ep14 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
s02ep13 Nobody Likes Babies
s02ep12 Truth or Consequences
s02ep11 A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar
s02ep10 One for the Dog
s02ep09 Blown Away
s02ep08 Happy Birthday, Mr. President
s02ep07 Defiance
s02ep06 Spies Like Us
s02ep05 All Roads Lead to Fitz
s02ep04 Beltway Unbuckled
s02ep03 Hunting Season
s02ep02 The Other Woman
s02ep01 White Hat's Off
Сезон 1
s01ep07 Grant: For the People
s01ep06 The Trail
s01ep05 Crash and Burn
s01ep04 Enemy of the State
s01ep03 Hell Hath No Fury
s01ep02 Dirty Little Secrets
s01ep01 Sweet Baby