Год: 2014 – …
Жанр: драма, фантастика, приключение
Телесеть: The CW
В ролях: Элиза Тейлор-Коттер, Мари Авгеропулос, Сачин Сахель, Линдси Морган, Женевьев Бюкнер, Ричард Хэрмон, Джарод Джозеф, Челси Рейст, Крис Браунинг, Джош Ссеттуба

События в сериале начинают разворачиваться по прошествии девяносто семи лет после того как всю цивилизацию уничтожила страшная атомная война.

Сезон 6
s06ep13 The Blood of Sanctum
s06ep12 Adjustment Protocol
s06ep11 Ashes to Ashes
s06ep10 Matryoshka
s06ep09 What You Take With You
s06ep08 The Old Man and the Anomaly
s06ep07 Nevermind
s06ep06 Memento Mori
s06ep05 The Gospel of Josephine
s06ep04 The Face Behind the Glass
s06ep03 The Children of Gabriel
s06ep02 Red Sun Rising
s06ep01 Sanctum
Сезон 5
s05ep13 Damocles (2)
s05ep12 Damocles (1)
s05ep11 The Dark Year
s05ep10 The Warriors Will
s05ep09 Sic Semper Tyrannis
s05ep08 How We Get to Peace
s05ep07 Acceptable Losses
s05ep06 Exit Wounds
s05ep05 Shifting Sands
s05ep04 Pandora's Box
s05ep03 Sleeping Giants
s05ep02 Red Queen
s05ep01 Eden
Сезон 4
s04ep13 Praimfaya
s04ep12 The Chosen
s04ep11 The Other Side
s04ep10 Die All, Die Merrily
s04ep09 DNR
s04ep08 God Complex
s04ep07 Gimme Shelter
s04ep06 We Will Rise
s04ep05 The Tinder Box
s04ep04 A Lie Guarded
s04ep03 The Four Horsemen
s04ep02 Heavy Lies The Crown
s04ep01 Echoes
Сезон 3
s03ep16 Perverse Instantiation (2)
s03ep15 Perverse Instantiation (1)
s03ep14 Red Sky at Morning
s03ep13 Join or Die
s03ep12 Demons
s03ep11 Nevermore
s03ep10 Fallen
s03ep09 Stealing Fire
s03ep08 Terms and Conditions
s03ep07 Thirteen
s03ep06 Bitter Harvest
s03ep05 Hakeldama
s03ep04 Watch the Thrones
s03ep03 Ye Who Enter Here
s03ep02 Wanheda (2)
s03ep01 Wanheda (1)
Сезон 2
s02ep16 Blood Must Have Blood (2)
s02ep15 Blood Must Have Blood (1)
s02ep14 Bodyguard of Lies
s02ep13 Resurrection
s02ep12 Rubicon
s02ep11 Coup de Grâce
s02ep10 Survival of the Fittest
s02ep09 Remember Me
s02ep08 Spacewalker
s02ep07 Long Into an Abyss
s02ep06 Fog of War
s02ep05 Human Trials
s02ep04 Many Happy Returns
s02ep03 Reapercussions
s02ep02 Inclement Weather
s02ep01 The 48
Сезон 1
s01ep13 We Are Grounders (2)
s01ep12 We Are Grounders (1)
s01ep11 The Calm
s01ep10 I Am Become Death
s01ep09 Unity Day
s01ep08 Day Trip
s01ep07 Contents Under Pressure
s01ep06 His Sister's Keeper
s01ep05 Twilight's Last Gleaming
s01ep04 Murphy's Law
s01ep03 Earth Kills
s01ep02 Earth Skills
s01ep01 Pilot