Год: 2003 – …
Жанр: детектив, документальный
Телесеть: Discovery
Слоган: «They don't just tell the myths; they put them to the test»
В ролях: Джэйми Хайнеман, Адам Сэвэдж, Роберт Ли, Кари Байрон, Сальваторе Белечи, Грант Имахара, Скотти Чэпмэн, Кристин Чемберлен, Хезер Джозеф-Уитэм, Фрэнк Дойл

В нашей жизни существует множество разных легенд, поверий, интернетовских слухов или других мифов. И вот чтобы доказать или опровергнуть все эти истории, за дело берутся эксперты Адам Сэвидж и Джэми Хайнеман, а что из этого выходит, можно увидеть в каждом выпуске программы.

Сезон 2018
s2018ep08 неизвестно Dropping a Bomb Скоро
s2018ep07 неизвестно Electrified Escape Скоро
s2018ep06 Backseat Getaway Driver
s2018ep05 Dynamite Deposit
s2018ep04 Spike in the Road
s2018ep03 Wild Wild West
s2018ep02 Pane in the Glass
s2018ep01 Fire Arrow vs. Gas Tank
Сезон 2017
s2017ep06 Dead Body Double
s2017ep05 Invisible Assassins
s2017ep04 Rock 'n' Roll Road Rage
s2017ep03 Earthquake Water Heater
s2017ep02 Chimney Cannon
s2017ep01 Heads Will Roll
Сезон 2016
s2016ep11 The Reunion
s2016ep10 Grand Finale
s2016ep09 The Reddit Special
s2016ep08 Rocketmen
s2016ep07 Failure Is Not an Option!
s2016ep06 Volunteer Special
s2016ep05 Driven to Destruction
s2016ep04 Cooking Chaos
s2016ep03 Tanker Crush
s2016ep02 The Explosion Special
s2016ep01 MythBusters Revealed: The Behind the Scenes Season Opener
Сезон 2015
s2015ep14 Star Wars: The Myths Strike Back
s2015ep13 Mythbusters vs. Jaws
s2015ep12 Unfinished Business
s2015ep11 Supernatural Shooters
s2015ep10 Dangerous Driving
s2015ep09 Accidental Ammo
s2015ep08 Flights of Fantasy
s2015ep07 Blow It Out of the Water
s2015ep06 San Francisco Drift
s2015ep05 Transformers
s2015ep04 Video Games Special
s2015ep03 The A-Team Special
s2015ep02 The Busters of the Lost Myths
s2015ep01 The Simpsons Special
Сезон 2014
s2014ep15 Plane Boarding / Bite the Bullet
s2014ep14 Traffic Tricks
s2014ep13 Laws of Attraction
s2014ep12 Road Rage
s2014ep11 Commercial Myths
s2014ep10 Household Disasters
s2014ep09 Fire in the Hole
s2014ep08 Supersonic Ping Pong / Ice Cannon
s2014ep07 Bullet Baloney
s2014ep06 Mythssion Impossible
s2014ep05 Do Try This At Home
s2014ep04 Car Chase Chaos / Animal Antics
s2014ep03 Hollywood Car Crash Cliches
s2014ep02 Moonshiner Myths
s2014ep01 Star Wars: Revenge of the Myth
Сезон 2013
s2013ep11 Zombie Special
s2013ep10 Breaking Bad Special
s2013ep09 Painting with Explosives / Bifurcated Boat
s2013ep08 Duct Tape Canyon
s2013ep07 Hypermiling / Crash Cushion
s2013ep06 Motorcycle Water Ski
s2013ep05 Battle of the Sexes - Round 2
s2013ep04 Indy Car Special
s2013ep03 Down and Dirty / Earthquake Survival
s2013ep02 Deadliest Catch Crabtastic Special
s2013ep01 JATO Rocket Car: Mission Accomplished?
Сезон 2012
s2012ep21 Explosions A to Z
s2012ep20 Food Fables
s2012ep19 Cannonball Chemistry
s2012ep18 Mini Myth Medley
s2012ep17 Fright Night
s2012ep16 Hail Hijinx
s2012ep15 Trench Torpedo
s2012ep14 Titanic Survival
s2012ep13 Jawsome Shark Special
s2012ep12 Hollywood Gunslingers
s2012ep11 Duel Dilemmas
s2012ep10 Bubble Pack Plunge
s2012ep09 Mailbag Special
s2012ep08 Bouncing Bullet
s2012ep07 Revenge of the Myth
s2012ep06 Driving in Heels
s2012ep05 Battle of the Sexes
s2012ep04 Swinging Pirates
s2012ep03 Square Wheels
s2012ep02 Fire vs Ice
s2012ep01 Duct Tape Island
Сезон 2011
s2011ep22 Toilet Bomb
s2011ep21 Wheel of Mythfortune
s2011ep20 Wet and Wild
s2011ep19 Location, Location, Location
s2011ep18 Drain Disaster
s2011ep17 Flying Guillotine
s2011ep16 Duct Tape Plane
s2011ep15 Walk a Straight Line
s2011ep14 Newton's Crane Cradle
s2011ep13 Bikes and Bazookas
s2011ep12 Paper Armor
s2011ep11 Let There Be Light
s2011ep10 Planes, Trains and Automobiles
s2011ep09 Fixing a Flat
s2011ep08 Dodge a Bullet
s2011ep07 Spy Car 2
s2011ep06 Blow Your Own Sail
s2011ep05 Torpedo Tastic
s2011ep04 Bubble Trouble
s2011ep03 Running on Water
s2011ep02 Blue Ice
s2011ep01 Mission Impossible Face Off
Сезон 2010
s2010ep30 Operation Valkyrie
s2010ep29 Green Hornet Special
s2010ep28 President's Challenge
s2010ep27 Bug Special
s2010ep26 Inverted Underwater Car
s2010ep25 Reverse Engineering
s2010ep24 Mini Myth Madness
s2010ep23 Operation Valkyrie
s2010ep22 Green Hornet Special
s2010ep21 President's Challenge
s2010ep20 Bug Special
s2010ep19 Inverted Underwater Car
s2010ep18 Reverse Engineering
s2010ep17 Mini Myth Madness
s2010ep16 Arrow Machine Gun
s2010ep15 Table Cloth Chaos
s2010ep14 Cold Feet
s2010ep13 Storm Chasing Myths
s2010ep12 Hair of the Dog
s2010ep11 Flu Fiction
s2010ep10 Fireball Stun Gun
s2010ep09 Waterslide Wipeout
s2010ep08 Duct Tape Hour 2
s2010ep07 Mythssion Control
s2010ep06 No Pain No Gain, Propane Tank Rocket
s2010ep05 Bottle Bash
s2010ep04 Spy Car Escape
s2010ep03 Dive to Survive
s2010ep02 Soda Cup Killer
s2010ep01 Boomerang Bullet
Сезон 2009
s2009ep23 Mini Myth Mayhem
s2009ep22 Hidden Nasties
s2009ep21 Unarmed and Unharmed
s2009ep20 Antacid Jail Break
s2009ep19 Dumpster Diving
s2009ep18 Myth Evolution 2
s2009ep17 Crash and Burn
s2009ep16 Hurricane Windows
s2009ep15 Greased Lightning
s2009ep14 Dirty vs. Clean Car
s2009ep13 Duct Tape Hour
s2009ep12 Knock Your Socks Off
s2009ep11 Car vs. Rain
s2009ep10 Curving Bullets
s2009ep09 Prison Escape
s2009ep08 Thermite vs. Ice
s2009ep07 Seesaw Saga
s2009ep06 Exploding Bumper
s2009ep05 Swimming in Syrup
s2009ep04 YouTube Special!
s2009ep03 Banana Slip, Double Dip
s2009ep02 Alaska Special 2
s2009ep01 Demolition Derby Special
Сезон 2008
s2008ep20 Viewer Special Threequel
s2008ep19 End With A Bang
s2008ep18 Coffin Punch
s2008ep17 Motorcycle Flip
s2008ep16 Alcohol Myths
s2008ep15 Ninjas 2
s2008ep14 Blind Driving
s2008ep13 Water Stun Gun
s2008ep12 Phone Book Friction
s2008ep11 Viral Hour
s2008ep10 NASA Moon Landing
s2008ep09 Exploding Steak
s2008ep08 Shark Week 2008
s2008ep07 Alaska Special
s2008ep06 MacGyver Myths
s2008ep05 Viewers Special 2
s2008ep04 James Bond Special: Part 2
s2008ep03 Airplane on a Conveyor Belt
s2008ep02 Lead Balloon
s2008ep01 James Bond Special: Part 1
Сезон 2007
s2007ep25 Air Plane Hour
s2007ep24 Confederate Steam Gun
s2007ep23 Pirates 2
s2007ep22 Shooting Fish in a Barrel
s2007ep21 Super Sized Myths!
s2007ep20 Exploding Water Heater
s2007ep19 Trail Blazers
s2007ep18 Myth Evolution!
s2007ep17 Superhero Hour
s2007ep16 Red Flag to a Bull
s2007ep15 Viewer Special
s2007ep14 Baseball Myths
s2007ep13 Snow Special
s2007ep12 Grenades and Guts
s2007ep11 Big Rig Myths
s2007ep10 Western Myths
s2007ep09 Walking On Water
s2007ep08 Birds in a Truck
s2007ep07 Voice Flame Extinguisher
s2007ep06 More Myths Reopened
s2007ep05 Dog Myths
s2007ep04 Speed Cameras
s2007ep03 Underwater Car Escape
s2007ep02 Pirate Special
s2007ep01 Hindenburg Mystery
Сезон 2006
s2006ep28 22,000 Foot Fall
s2006ep27 Holiday Special
s2006ep26 Anti-Gravity Device
s2006ep25 Firearms Folklore
s2006ep24 Concrete Glider
s2006ep23 Exploding Lighter
s2006ep22 More Myths Revisited
s2006ep21 Air Cylinder Rocket
s2006ep20 Killer Cable Snaps
s2006ep19 Mega Movie Myths
s2006ep18 Deadly Straw
s2006ep17 Earthquake Machine
s2006ep16 Crimes and Myth-demeanors 2
s2006ep15 Shattering Subwoofer
s2006ep14 Diet Coke and Mentos
s2006ep13 Killer Whirlpool
s2006ep12 Steam Cannon
s2006ep11 Crimes and Myth-demeanors
s2006ep10 Exploding Pants
s2006ep09 Mind Control
s2006ep08 Myths Reopened
s2006ep07 Bullets Fired Up
s2006ep06 Cell Phones on Planes
s2006ep05 Franklin's Kite
s2006ep04 Helium Football
s2006ep03 Archimedes Death Ray Revisited
s2006ep02 Shredded Plane
s2006ep01 Paper Crossbow
Сезон 2005
s2005ep26 Seasickness - Kill or Cure
s2005ep25 Steel Toe Amputation
s2005ep24 Vodka Myths
s2005ep23 Confederate Rocket
s2005ep22 Chinese Invasion Alarm
s2005ep21 MythBusters Revisited
s2005ep20 Escape Slide Parachute
s2005ep19 Killer Tissue Box
s2005ep18 Border Slingshot
s2005ep17 MythBusters Jaws Special
s2005ep16 Bullet Proof Water
s2005ep15 Killer Brace Position
s2005ep14 Jet Pack
s2005ep13 Breaking Glass
s2005ep12 Hollywood On Trial
s2005ep11 MythBusters: Revealed
s2005ep10 Shop 'til You Drop
s2005ep09 Son of a Gun
s2005ep08 Cooling a Six-Pack
s2005ep07 MythBusters Outtakes
s2005ep06 Is Yawning Contagious?
s2005ep05 Exploding Port-a-Potty
s2005ep04 Salsa Escape
s2005ep03 Brown Note
s2005ep02 Ultimate MythBusters
s2005ep01 Buster Special
Сезон 2004
s2004ep20 Christmas Special
s2004ep19 Ming Dynasty Astronaut
s2004ep18 Exploding House
s2004ep17 Boom Lift Catapult
s2004ep16 Pingpong Rescue
s2004ep15 Exploding Jawbreaker
s2004ep14 Quicksand, Bathtub Electrocution, MRI Rays and Tattoos
s2004ep13 Beat the Radar Detector
s2004ep12 Elevator of Death, Levitation Machine
s2004ep11 Ancient Death Ray
s2004ep10 Scuba Diver, Car Capers
s2004ep09 Best Explosions
s2004ep08 Myths Revisited
s2004ep07 Best Electric Myths
s2004ep06 Best Animal Myths
s2004ep05 Buried in Concrete
s2004ep04 Breakstep Bridge
s2004ep03 Sinking Titanic, Goldfish Memory, Trombone Explosion
s2004ep02 Chicken Gun
s2004ep01 Explosive Decompression, Frog Giggin', Rear Axle
Сезон 2003
s2003ep11 Alcatraz Escape
s2003ep10 Stinky Car, Raccoon Rocket
s2003ep09 Lightning Strikes / Tongue Piercing
s2003ep08 Buried Alive
s2003ep07 Penny Drop
s2003ep06 Barrel of Bricks
s2003ep05 Cell Phone Destroys Gas Station
s2003ep04 Exploding Toilet
s2003ep03 Poppy-Seed Drug Test
s2003ep02 Biscuit Bazooka
s2003ep01 Jet Assisted Chevy
Сезон 16
s16ep08 Star Wars: The Myths Strike Back
s16ep07 Mythbusters vs. Jaws
s16ep06 Unfinished Business
s16ep05 Supernatural Shooters
s16ep04 Dangerous Driving
s16ep03 Accidental Ammo
s16ep02 Flights of Fantasy
s16ep01 Blow It Out of the Water
Сезон 15
s15ep13 неизвестно Star Wars
s15ep12 Unfinished Business
s15ep11 Supernatural Shooters
s15ep10 Dangerous Driving
s15ep09 Accidental Ammo
s15ep08 Flights of Fantasy
s15ep07 Blow It Out the Water
s15ep06 San Francisco Drift
s15ep05 Transformers
s15ep04 Video Games Special
s15ep03 The A-Team Special
s15ep02 The Busters of the Lost Myths
s15ep01 The Simpsons Special
s15ep00 неизвестно Episode 0
Сезон 14
s14ep07 Plane Boarding / Bite the Bullet
s14ep06 Traffic Tricks
s14ep05 Laws of Attraction
s14ep04 Road Rage
s14ep03 Commercial Myths
s14ep02 Household Disasters
s14ep01 Fire in the Hole
Сезон 13
s13ep13 Road Rage
s13ep12 Commercial Myths
s13ep11 Household Disasters
s13ep10 Fire in the Hole
s13ep09 неизвестно Plane Boarding/Bite the Bullet
s13ep08 Supersonic Ping Pong / Ice Cannon
s13ep07 Bullet Baloney
s13ep06 Mythssion Impossible
s13ep05 Do Try This At Home
s13ep04 Car Chase Chaos / Animal Antics
s13ep03 Hollywood Car Crash Cliches
s13ep02 Moonshiner Myths
s13ep01 Star Wars: Revenge of the Myth
s13ep00 неизвестно Episode 0
Сезон 12
s12ep11 Zombie Special
s12ep10 Breaking Bad Special
s12ep09 Painting with Explosives / Bifurcated Boat
s12ep08 Duct Tape Canyon
s12ep07 Hypermiling / Crash Cushion
s12ep06 Motorcycle Water Ski
s12ep05 Battle of the Sexes - Round 2
s12ep04 Indy Car Special
s12ep03 Down and Dirty / Earthquake Survival
s12ep02 Deadliest Catch Crabtastic Special
s12ep01 JATO Rocket Car: Mission Accomplished?
Сезон 11
s11ep08 Explosions A to Z
s11ep07 Food Fables
s11ep06 Cannonball Chemistry
s11ep05 Mini Myth Medley
s11ep04 Fright Night
s11ep03 Hail Hijinx
s11ep02 Trench Torpedo
s11ep01 Titanic Survival
Сезон 10
s10ep13 Jawsome Shark Special
s10ep12 Hollywood Gunslingers
s10ep11 Duel Dilemmas
s10ep10 Bubble Pack Plunge
s10ep09 Mailbag Special
s10ep08 Bouncing Bullet
s10ep07 Revenge of the Myth
s10ep06 Driving in Heels
s10ep05 Battle of the Sexes
s10ep04 Swinging Pirates
s10ep03 Square Wheels
s10ep02 Fire vs Ice
s10ep01 Duct Tape Island
Сезон 9
s09ep22 Toilet Bomb
s09ep21 Wheel of Mythfortune
s09ep20 Wet and Wild
s09ep19 Location, Location, Location
s09ep18 Drain Disaster
s09ep17 Flying Guillotine
s09ep16 Duct Tape Plane
s09ep15 Walk a Straight Line
s09ep14 Newton's Crane Cradle
s09ep13 Bikes and Bazookas
s09ep12 Paper Armor
s09ep11 Let There Be Light
s09ep10 Planes, Trains and Automobiles
s09ep09 Fixing a Flat
s09ep08 Dodge a Bullet
s09ep07 Spy Car 2
s09ep06 Blow Your Own Sail
s09ep05 Torpedo Tastic
s09ep04 Bubble Trouble
s09ep03 Running on Water
s09ep02 Blue Ice
s09ep01 Mission Impossible Face Off
Сезон 8
s08ep29 Operation Valkyrie
s08ep28 Green Hornet Special
s08ep27 President's Challenge
s08ep26 Bug Special
s08ep25 Inverted Underwater Car
s08ep24 Reverse Engineering
s08ep23 Mini Myth Madness
s08ep22 Arrow Machine Gun
s08ep21 Table Cloth Chaos
s08ep20 Cold Feet
s08ep19 Storm Chasing Myths
s08ep18 Hair of the Dog
s08ep17 Buster's Cut: Bottle Bash
s08ep16 Buster's Cut: Viewer Special Threequel
s08ep15 Buster's Cut: Knock Your Socks Off
s08ep14 Buster's Cut: Duct Tape Hour 2
s08ep13 Buster's Cut: Alcohol Myths
s08ep12 Car Conundrum
s08ep11 Top 25 Best Busted Myths
s08ep10 Flu Fiction
s08ep09 Fireball Stun Gun
s08ep08 Waterslide Wipeout
s08ep07 Duct Tape Hour 2
s08ep06 Mythssion Control
s08ep05 No Pain No Gain, Propane Tank Rocket
s08ep04 Bottle Bash
s08ep03 Spy Car Escape
s08ep02 Dive to Survive
s08ep01 Soda Cup Killer
Сезон 7
s07ep24 Boomerang Bullet
s07ep23 Mini Myth Mayhem
s07ep22 Hidden Nasties
s07ep21 Unarmed and Unharmed
s07ep20 Antacid Jail Break
s07ep19 Dumpster Diving
s07ep18 Myth Evolution 2
s07ep17 Crash and Burn
s07ep16 Hurricane Windows
s07ep15 Greased Lightning
s07ep14 Dirty vs. Clean Car
s07ep13 Duct Tape Hour
s07ep12 Knock Your Socks Off
s07ep11 Car vs. Rain
s07ep10 Curving Bullets
s07ep09 Prison Escape
s07ep08 Thermite vs. Ice
s07ep07 Seesaw Saga
s07ep06 Exploding Bumper
s07ep05 Swimming in Syrup
s07ep04 YouTube Special!
s07ep03 Banana Slip, Double Dip
s07ep02 Alaska Special 2
s07ep01 Demolition Derby Special
Сезон 6
s06ep20 Viewer Special Threequel
s06ep19 End With A Bang
s06ep18 Coffin Punch
s06ep17 Motorcycle Flip
s06ep16 Alcohol Myths
s06ep15 Ninjas 2
s06ep14 Blind Driving
s06ep13 Water Stun Gun
s06ep12 Phone Book Friction
s06ep11 Viral Hour
s06ep10 NASA Moon Landing
s06ep09 Exploding Steak
s06ep08 Shark Week 2008
s06ep07 Alaska Special
s06ep06 MacGyver Myths
s06ep05 Viewers Special 2
s06ep04 James Bond Special: Part 2
s06ep03 Airplane on a Conveyor Belt
s06ep02 Lead Balloon
s06ep01 James Bond Special: Part 1
Сезон 5
s05ep25 Air Plane Hour
s05ep24 Confederate Steam Gun
s05ep23 Pirates 2
s05ep22 Shooting Fish in a Barrel
s05ep21 Super Sized Myths!
s05ep20 Exploding Water Heater
s05ep19 Trail Blazers
s05ep18 Myth Evolution!
s05ep17 Superhero Hour
s05ep16 Red Flag to a Bull
s05ep15 Viewer Special
s05ep14 Baseball Myths
s05ep13 Snow Special
s05ep12 Grenades and Guts
s05ep11 Big Rig Myths
s05ep10 Western Myths
s05ep09 Walking On Water
s05ep08 Birds in a Truck
s05ep07 Voice Flame Extinguisher
s05ep06 More Myths Reopened
s05ep05 Dog Myths
s05ep04 Speed Cameras
s05ep03 Underwater Car Escape
s05ep02 Pirate Special
s05ep01 Hindenburg Mystery
Сезон 4
s04ep28 22,000 Foot Fall
s04ep27 Holiday Special
s04ep26 Anti-Gravity Device
s04ep25 Firearms Folklore
s04ep24 Concrete Glider
s04ep23 Exploding Lighter
s04ep22 More Myths Revisited
s04ep21 Air Cylinder Rocket
s04ep20 Killer Cable Snaps
s04ep19 Mega Movie Myths
s04ep18 Deadly Straw
s04ep17 Earthquake Machine
s04ep16 Crimes and Myth-demeanors 2
s04ep15 Shattering Subwoofer
s04ep14 Diet Coke and Mentos
s04ep13 Killer Whirlpool
s04ep12 Steam Cannon
s04ep11 Crimes and Myth-demeanors
s04ep10 Exploding Pants
s04ep09 Mind Control
s04ep08 Myths Reopened
s04ep07 Bullets Fired Up
s04ep06 Cell Phones on Planes
s04ep05 Franklin's Kite
s04ep04 Helium Football
s04ep03 Archimedes Death Ray Revisited
s04ep02 Shredded Plane
s04ep01 Paper Crossbow
Сезон 3
s03ep26 Seasickness - Kill or Cure
s03ep25 Steel Toe Amputation
s03ep24 Vodka Myths
s03ep23 Confederate Rocket
s03ep22 Chinese Invasion Alarm
s03ep21 MythBusters Revisited
s03ep20 Escape Slide Parachute
s03ep19 Killer Tissue Box
s03ep18 Border Slingshot
s03ep17 MythBusters Jaws Special
s03ep16 Bullet Proof Water
s03ep15 Killer Brace Position
s03ep14 Jet Pack
s03ep13 Breaking Glass
s03ep12 Hollywood On Trial
s03ep11 MythBusters: Revealed
s03ep10 Shop 'til You Drop
s03ep09 Son of a Gun
s03ep08 Cooling a Six-Pack
s03ep07 MythBusters Outtakes
s03ep06 Is Yawning Contagious?
s03ep05 Exploding Port-a-Potty
s03ep04 Salsa Escape
s03ep03 Brown Note
s03ep02 Ultimate MythBusters
s03ep01 Buster Special
Сезон 2
s02ep13 Christmas Special
s02ep12 Ming Dynasty Astronaut
s02ep11 Exploding House
s02ep10 Boom Lift Catapult
s02ep09 Pingpong Rescue
s02ep08 Exploding Jawbreaker
s02ep07 Quicksand, Bathtub Electrocution, MRI Rays and Tattoos
s02ep06 Beat the Radar Detector
s02ep05 Elevator of Death, Levitation Machine
s02ep04 Ancient Death Ray
s02ep03 Scuba Diver, Car Capers
s02ep02 Best Explosions
s02ep01 Myths Revisited
Сезон 1
s01ep18 Best Electric Myths
s01ep17 Best Animal Myths
s01ep16 Buried in Concrete
s01ep15 Breakstep Bridge
s01ep14 Sinking Titanic, Goldfish Memory, Trombone Explosion
s01ep13 Explosive Decompression, Frog Giggin', Rear Axle
s01ep12 Chicken Gun
s01ep11 Alcatraz Escape
s01ep10 Stinky Car, Raccoon Rocket
s01ep09 Lightning Strikes / Tongue Piercing
s01ep08 Buried Alive
s01ep07 Penny Drop
s01ep06 Barrel of Bricks
s01ep05 Cell Phone Destroys Gas Station
s01ep04 Exploding Toilet
s01ep03 Poppy-Seed Drug Test
s01ep02 Biscuit Bazooka
s01ep01 Jet Assisted Chevy