Год: 2014 – …
Жанр: фантастика, боевик, приключение
Телесеть: The CW
В ролях: Томас Кэвэна, Фульвио Чечере, Рик Коснетт, Грант Гастин, Мишель Харрисон, Мэттью Роберт Келли, Дженнифер Китчен, Нельсон Картер Лейс, Роуэн Лонгуорт, Джесси Л. Мартин

Из-за несчастного случая судмедэксперт Барри Аллен приобретает способность передвигаться с невероятной скоростью. Этот случай делает из него супергероя, которым он всегда мечтал стать.

Сезон 4
s04ep23 We Are The Flash
s04ep22 Think Fast
s04ep21 Harry and the Harrisons
s04ep20 Therefore She Is
s04ep19 Fury Rogue
s04ep18 Lose Yourself
s04ep17 Null and Annoyed
s04ep16 Run, Iris, Run
s04ep15 Enter Flashtime
s04ep14 Subject 9
s04ep13 True Colors
s04ep12 Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash
s04ep11 The Elongated Knight Rises
s04ep10 The Trial of The Flash
s04ep09 Don't Run
s04ep08 Crisis on Earth-X (3)
s04ep07 Therefore I Am
s04ep06 When Harry Met Harry…
s04ep05 Girls Night Out
s04ep04 Elongated Journey Into Night
s04ep03 Luck Be a Lady
s04ep02 Mixed Signals
s04ep01 The Flash Reborn
Сезон 3
s03ep23 Finish Line
s03ep22 Infantino Street
s03ep21 Cause and Effect
s03ep20 I Know Who You Are
s03ep19 The Once and Future Flash
s03ep18 Abra Kadabra
s03ep17 Duet (2)
s03ep16 Into the Speed Force
s03ep15 The Wrath of Savitar
s03ep14 Attack on Central City (2)
s03ep13 Attack on Gorilla City (1)
s03ep12 Untouchable
s03ep11 Dead or Alive
s03ep10 Borrowing Problems from the Future
s03ep09 The Present
s03ep08 Invasion! (2)
s03ep07 Killer Frost
s03ep06 Shade
s03ep05 Monster
s03ep04 The New Rogues
s03ep03 Magenta
s03ep02 Paradox
s03ep01 Flashpoint
Сезон 2
s02ep23 The Race of His Life
s02ep22 Invincible
s02ep21 The Runaway Dinosaur
s02ep20 Rupture
s02ep19 Back to Normal
s02ep18 Versus Zoom
s02ep17 Flash Back
s02ep16 Trajectory
s02ep15 King Shark
s02ep14 Escape from Earth-2
s02ep13 Welcome to Earth-2
s02ep12 Fast Lane
s02ep11 The Reverse-Flash Returns
s02ep10 Potential Energy
s02ep09 Running to Stand Still
s02ep08 Legends of Today (1)
s02ep07 Gorilla Warfare
s02ep06 Enter Zoom
s02ep05 The Darkness and the Light
s02ep04 The Fury of Firestorm
s02ep03 Family of Rogues
s02ep02 Flash of Two Worlds
s02ep01 The Man Who Saved Central City
Сезон 1
s01ep23 Fast Enough
s01ep22 Rogue Air
s01ep21 Grodd Lives
s01ep20 The Trap
s01ep19 Who Is Harrison Wells?
s01ep18 All-Star Team-Up
s01ep17 Tricksters
s01ep16 Rogue Time
s01ep15 Out of Time
s01ep14 Fallout
s01ep13 The Nuclear Man
s01ep12 Crazy for You
s01ep11 The Sound and the Fury
s01ep10 Revenge of the Rogues
s01ep09 The Man in the Yellow Suit
s01ep08 Flash vs. Arrow (1)
s01ep07 Power Outage
s01ep06 The Flash Is Born
s01ep05 Plastique
s01ep04 Going Rogue
s01ep03 Things You Can't Outrun
s01ep02 Fastest Man Alive
s01ep01 Pilot