Год: 2015 – …
Жанр: драма
Телесеть: FOX
В ролях: Терренс Ховард, Тараджи П. Хенсон, Трэй Байерс, Джусси Смоллетт, Кэйтлин Даблдэй, Кортни Лав, Бишоп Стивенс, Рафаэль Де Ла Фуэнте, Эка Дарвилл, Ниалла Гордон

История о главе музыкальной империи, который узнает о том, что он неизлечимо болен и что жить ему осталось всего три года. Он желает, чтобы его империя продолжала жить и после него, и потому решает выбрать наследника. Его трое сыновей и бывшая жена начинают борьбу за «трон».

Сезон 6
s06ep10 Cold Cold Man Скоро
s06ep09 Remember the Music
s06ep08 Do You Remember Me
s06ep07 Good Enough
s06ep06 Heart of Stone
s06ep05 Stronger Than My Rival
s06ep04 Tell the Truth
s06ep03 You Broke Love
s06ep02 Got on My Knees to Pray
s06ep01 What Is Love
Сезон 5
s05ep18 The Roughest Day
s05ep17 My Fate Cries Out
s05ep16 Never Doubt I Love
s05ep15 A Wise Father That Knows His Own Child
s05ep14 Without All Remedy
s05ep13 Hot Blood, Hot Thoughts, Hot Deeds
s05ep12 Shift and Save Yourself
s05ep11 In Loving Virtue
s05ep10 My Fault Is Past
s05ep09 Had It From My Father
s05ep08 Master of What is Mine Own
s05ep07 Treasons, Stratagems, and Spoils
s05ep06 What is Done
s05ep05 The Depth of Grief
s05ep04 Love All, Trust a Few
s05ep03 Pride
s05ep02 Pay for Their Presumptions
s05ep01 Steal From the Thief
Сезон 4
s04ep18 The Empire Unpossess'd
s04ep17 Bloody Noses and Crack'd Crowns
s04ep16 Fair Terms
s04ep15 A Lean and Hungry Look
s04ep14 False Face
s04ep13 Of Hardiness is Mother
s04ep12 Sweet Sorrow
s04ep11 Without Apology
s04ep10 Birds in the Cage
s04ep09 Slave To Memory
s04ep08 Cupid Painted Blind
s04ep07 The Lady Doth Protest
s04ep06 Fortune Be Not Crost
s04ep05 The Fool
s04ep04 Bleeding War
s04ep03 Evil Manners
s04ep02 Full Circle
s04ep01 Noble Memory
Сезон 3
s03ep18 Toil and Trouble (2)
s03ep17 Toil and Trouble (1)
s03ep16 Absent Child
s03ep15 Civil Hands Unclean
s03ep14 Love is a Smoke
s03ep13 My Naked Villainy
s03ep12 Strange Bedfellows
s03ep11 Play On
s03ep10 Sound and Fury
s03ep09 A Furnace For Your Foe
s03ep08 The Unkindest Cut
s03ep07 What We May Be
s03ep06 Chimes at Midnight
s03ep05 One Before Another
s03ep04 Cupid Kills
s03ep03 What Remains is Bestial
s03ep02 Sin That Amends
s03ep01 Light in Darkness
Сезон 2
s02ep18 Past is Prologue
s02ep17 Rise by Sin
s02ep16 The Lyon Who Cried Wolf
s02ep15 More Than Kin
s02ep14 Time Shall Unfold
s02ep13 The Tameness of a Wolf
s02ep12 A Rose by Any Other Name
s02ep11 Death Will Have His Day
s02ep10 Et Tu, Brute?
s02ep09 Sinned Against
s02ep08 My Bad Parts
s02ep07 True Love Never
s02ep06 A High Hope For a Low Heaven
s02ep05 Be True
s02ep04 Poor Yorick
s02ep03 Fires of Heaven
s02ep02 Without a Country
s02ep01 The Devils Are Here
Сезон 1
s01ep12 Who I Am
s01ep11 Die But Once
s01ep10 Sins of the Father
s01ep09 Unto the Breach
s01ep08 The Lyon's Roar
s01ep07 Our Dancing Days
s01ep06 Out, Damned Spot
s01ep05 Dangerous Bonds
s01ep04 False Imposition
s01ep03 The Devil Quotes Scripture
s01ep02 The Outspoken King
s01ep01 Pilot