Год: 2015 – …
Жанр: фантастика, комедия, мультфильм
Телесеть: Disney
Слоган: «Move over, Shep Ramsay!»
В ролях: Иден Шер, Адам МакАртур, Дженни Слейт, Алан Тьюдик, Ниа Вардалос, Артт Батлер, Грэй Гриффин, Ди Ди Решер, Джефф Беннетт, Морис ЛаМарш

Стар Батерфлай покидает свою родную планету Муни, на которой произошло множество боев с чудовищами, и прибывает на Землю. Она живет с семейством Диаза, однако спокойствие ей даже тут и не светит. Злоумышленников становится всё больше, они присутствуют и в среднем учебном заведении. Их цель - присвоить «волшебную палочку», которая имеет подлинные магические способности

Сезон 4
s04ep37 Cleaved
s04ep36 The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse
s04ep35 Pizza Party
s04ep34 Here to Help
s04ep33 The Right Way
s04ep32 Ready, Aim, Fire
s04ep31 Mama Star
s04ep30 Jannanigans
s04ep29 Sad Teen Hotline
s04ep28 Gone Baby Gone
s04ep27 Beach Day
s04ep26 Britta's Tacos
s04ep25 Doop-Doop
s04ep24 Coronation
s04ep23 The Monster and the Queen
s04ep22 A Boy and His DC-700XE
s04ep21 A Spell with No Name
s04ep20 Junkin' Janna
s04ep19 Queen-Napped
s04ep18 The Knight Shift
s04ep17 Meteora's Lesson
s04ep16 Cornball!
s04ep15 Ghost of Butterfly Castle
s04ep14 Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell
s04ep13 Curse of the Blood Moon
s04ep12 Kelly's World
s04ep11 Out of Business
s04ep10 Surviving the Spiderbites
s04ep09 The Ponyhead Show!
s04ep08 Down by the River
s04ep07 Yada Yada Berries
s04ep06 Lake House Fever
s04ep05 Ransomgram
s04ep04 Swim Suit
s04ep03 Moon Remembers
s04ep02 Escape from the Pie Folk
s04ep01 Butterfly Follies
Сезон 3
s03ep39 неизвестно Delet This
s03ep38 Conquer
s03ep37 Divide
s03ep36 Tough Love
s03ep35 Bam Ui Pati!
s03ep34 Booth Buddies
s03ep33 Skooled!
s03ep32 Marco Jr.
s03ep31 Is Another Mystery
s03ep30 Ludo, Where Art Thou?
s03ep29 Butterfly Trap
s03ep28 Total Eclipsa the Moon
s03ep27 The Bogbeast of Boggabah
s03ep26 Holiday Spellcial
s03ep25 Stump Day
s03ep24 Monster Bash
s03ep23 Deep Dive
s03ep22 Night Life
s03ep21 Ponymonium
s03ep20 Death Peck
s03ep19 Lava Lake Beach
s03ep18 Sweet Dreams
s03ep17 Starfari
s03ep16 Princess Turdina
s03ep15 Trial by Squire
s03ep14 Lint Catcher
s03ep13 Sophomore Slump
s03ep12 Demoncism
s03ep11 Stranger Danger
s03ep10 Club Snubbed
s03ep09 Rest in Pudding
s03ep08 Scent of a Hoodie
s03ep07 Toffee
s03ep06 King Ludo
s03ep05 Puddle Defender
s03ep04 Marco and the King
s03ep03 Book Be Gone
s03ep02 Moon the Undaunted
s03ep01 Return to Mewni
Сезон 2
s02ep41 Starcrushed
s02ep40 Face the Music
s02ep39 Just Friends
s02ep38 Collateral Damage
s02ep37 All Belts Are Off
s02ep36 Heinous
s02ep35 The Hard Way
s02ep34 Crystal Clear
s02ep33 The Bounce Lounge
s02ep32 Mathmagic
s02ep31 Running with Scissors
s02ep30 Baby
s02ep29 Trickstar
s02ep28 Raid the Cave
s02ep27 Bon Bon the Birthday Clown
s02ep26 Naysaya
s02ep25 Page Turner
s02ep24 Pizza Thing
s02ep23 Into the Wand
s02ep22 Spider with a Top Hat
s02ep21 Hungry Larry
s02ep20 Is Mystery
s02ep19 Friendenemies
s02ep18 Gift of the Card
s02ep17 Sleepover
s02ep16 Girls' Day Out
s02ep15 Game of Flags
s02ep14 By the Book
s02ep13 Goblin Dogs
s02ep12 On the Job
s02ep11 Starsitting
s02ep10 Camping Trip
s02ep09 Starstruck
s02ep08 Wand to Wand
s02ep07 Star vs. Echo Creek
s02ep06 Fetch
s02ep05 Star on Wheels
s02ep04 Red Belt
s02ep03 Mr. Candle Cares
s02ep02 Ludo in the Wild
s02ep01 My New Wand!
Сезон 1
s01ep24 Storm the Castle
s01ep23 Marco Grows a Beard
s01ep22 Interdimensional Field Trip
s01ep21 The Banagic Incident
s01ep20 Mewnipendence Day
s01ep19 St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses
s01ep18 Royal Pain
s01ep17 Freeze Day
s01ep16 Fortune Cookies
s01ep15 Blood Moon Ball
s01ep14 Sleep Spells
s01ep13 Lobster Claws
s01ep12 Pixtopia
s01ep11 Mewberty
s01ep10 Brittney's Party
s01ep09 Diaz Family Vacation
s01ep08 Quest Buy
s01ep07 Cheer Up Star
s01ep06 The Other Exchange Student
s01ep05 Monster Arm
s01ep04 School Spirit
s01ep03 Match Maker
s01ep02 Party with a Pony
s01ep01 Star Comes to Earth
s01ep00 неизвестно Episode 0