Год: 2009 – …
Жанр: драма, детектив, криминал, комедия
Телесеть: USA
Слоган: «Let the games begin.»
В ролях: Мэтт Бомер, Тим ДиКей, Уилли Гарсон, Тиффани Тиссен, Шариф Аткинс, Марша Томасон, Хилари Бертон, Дайэнн Кэррол ,Джеймс Ребхорн, Натали Моралес
Сезон 6
s06ep06 Au Revoir
s06ep05 Whack-a-Mole
s06ep04 All's Fair
s06ep03 Uncontrolled Variables
s06ep02 Return to Sender
s06ep01 Borrowed Time
Сезон 5
s05ep13 Diamond Exchange
s05ep12 Taking Stock
s05ep11 Shot Through the Heart
s05ep10 Live Feed
s05ep09 No Good Deed
s05ep08 Digging Deeper
s05ep07 Quantico Closure
s05ep06 Ice Breaker
s05ep05 Master Plan
s05ep04 Controlling Interest
s05ep03 One Last Stakeout
s05ep02 Out of the Frying Pan
s05ep01 At What Price
Сезон 4
s04ep16 In the Wind
s04ep15 The Original
s04ep14 Shoot the Moon
s04ep13 Empire City
s04ep12 Brass Tacks
s04ep11 Family Business
s04ep10 Vested Interest
s04ep09 Gloves Off
s04ep08 Ancient History
s04ep07 Compromising Positions
s04ep06 Identity Crisis
s04ep05 Honor Among Thieves
s04ep04 Parting Shots
s04ep03 Diminishing Returns
s04ep02 Most Wanted
s04ep01 Wanted
Сезон 3
s03ep16 Judgment Day
s03ep15 Stealing Home
s03ep14 Pulling Strings
s03ep13 Neighborhood Watch
s03ep12 Upper West Side Story
s03ep11 Checkmate
s03ep10 Countdown
s03ep09 On the Fence
s03ep08 As You Were
s03ep07 Taking Account
s03ep06 Scott Free
s03ep05 Veiled Threat
s03ep04 The Dentist of Detroit
s03ep03 Deadline
s03ep02 Where There's a Will
s03ep01 On Guard
Сезон 2
s02ep16 Under the Radar
s02ep15 Power Play
s02ep14 Payback
s02ep13 Countermeasures
s02ep12 What Happens in Burma...
s02ep11 Forging Bonds
s02ep10 Burke's Seven
s02ep09 Point Blank
s02ep08 Company Man
s02ep07 Prisoner's Dilemma
s02ep06 In the Red
s02ep05 Unfinished Business
s02ep04 By the Book
s02ep03 Copycat Caffrey
s02ep02 Need to Know
s02ep01 Withdrawal
Сезон 1
s01ep14 Out of the Box
s01ep13 Front Man
s01ep12 Bottlenecked
s01ep11 Home Invasion
s01ep10 Vital Signs
s01ep09 Bad Judgment
s01ep08 Hard Sell
s01ep07 Free Fall
s01ep06 All In
s01ep05 The Portrait
s01ep04 Flip of the Coin
s01ep03 Book of Hours
s01ep02 Threads
s01ep01 Pilot