Год: 2009 – …
Жанр: драма, детектив, криминал
Телесеть: CBS
Слоган: «His scandal. Her story.»
В ролях: Джулианна Маргулис, Мэтт Зукри, Арчи Панджаби, Джош Чарльз, Кристин Барански, Макензи Вега, Крис Нот, Алан Камминг, Грэхэм Филлипс, Мэри Бет Пейл
Сезон 7
s07ep22 End
s07ep21 Verdict
s07ep20 Party
s07ep19 Landing
s07ep18 Unmanned
s07ep17 Shoot
s07ep16 Hearing
s07ep15 Targets
s07ep14 Monday
s07ep13 Judged
s07ep12 Tracks
s07ep11 Iowa
s07ep10 KSR
s07ep09 Discovery
s07ep08 Restraint
s07ep07 Driven
s07ep06 Lies
s07ep05 Payback
s07ep04 Taxed
s07ep03 Cooked
s07ep02 Innocents
s07ep01 Bond
Сезон 6
s06ep22 Wanna Partner?
s06ep21 Don't Fail
s06ep20 The Deconstruction
s06ep19 Winning Ugly
s06ep18 Loser Edit
s06ep17 Undisclosed Recipients
s06ep16 Red Meat
s06ep15 Open Source
s06ep14 Mind's Eye
s06ep13 Dark Money
s06ep12 The Debate
s06ep11 Hail Mary
s06ep10 The Trial
s06ep09 Sticky Content
s06ep08 Red Zone
s06ep07 Message Discipline
s06ep06 Old Spice
s06ep05 Shiny Objects
s06ep04 Oppo Research
s06ep03 Dear God
s06ep02 Trust Issues
s06ep01 The Line
Сезон 5
s05ep22 A Weird Year
s05ep21 The One Percent
s05ep20 The Deep Web
s05ep19 Tying the Knot
s05ep18 All Tapped Out
s05ep17 A Material World
s05ep16 The Last Call
s05ep15 Dramatics, Your Honor
s05ep14 A Few Words
s05ep13 Parallel Construction, Bitches
s05ep12 We, the Juries
s05ep11 Goliath and David
s05ep10 The Decision Tree
s05ep09 Whack-a-Mole
s05ep08 The Next Month
s05ep07 The Next Week
s05ep06 The Next Day
s05ep05 Hitting the Fan
s05ep04 Outside the Bubble
s05ep03 A Precious Commodity
s05ep02 The Bit Bucket
s05ep01 Everything Is Ending
Сезон 4
s04ep22 What's in the Box?
s04ep21 A More Perfect Union
s04ep20 Rape: A Modern Perspective
s04ep19 The Wheels of Justice
s04ep18 Death of a Client
s04ep17 Invitation to an Inquest
s04ep16 Runnin' with the Devil
s04ep15 Going for the Gold
s04ep14 Red Team/Blue Team
s04ep13 The Seven Day Rule
s04ep12 Je Ne Sais What?
s04ep11 Boom De Yah Da
s04ep10 Battle of the Proxies
s04ep09 A Defense of Marriage
s04ep08 Here Comes the Judge
s04ep07 Anatomy of a Joke
s04ep06 The Art of War
s04ep05 Waiting for the Knock
s04ep04 Don't Haze Me, Bro
s04ep03 Two Girls, One Code
s04ep02 And the Law Won
s04ep01 I Fought the Law
Сезон 3
s03ep22 The Dream Team
s03ep21 The Penalty Box
s03ep20 Pants on Fire
s03ep19 Blue Ribbon Panel
s03ep18 Gloves Come Off
s03ep17 Long Way Home
s03ep16 After the Fall
s03ep15 Live from Damascus
s03ep14 Another Ham Sandwich
s03ep13 Bitcoin for Dummies
s03ep12 Alienation of Affection
s03ep11 What Went Wrong
s03ep10 Parenting Made Easy
s03ep09 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
s03ep08 Death Row Tip
s03ep07 Executive Order 13224
s03ep06 Affairs of State
s03ep05 Marthas and Caitlins
s03ep04 Feeding the Rat
s03ep03 Get a Room
s03ep02 The Death Zone
s03ep01 A New Day
Сезон 2
s02ep23 Closing Arguments (2)
s02ep22 Getting Off (1)
s02ep21 In Sickness
s02ep20 Foreign Affairs
s02ep19 Wrongful Termination
s02ep18 Killer Song
s02ep17 Ham Sandwich
s02ep16 Great Firewall
s02ep15 Silver Bullet
s02ep14 Net Worth
s02ep13 Real Deal
s02ep12 Silly Season
s02ep11 Two Courts
s02ep10 Breaking Up
s02ep09 Nine Hours
s02ep08 On Tap
s02ep07 Bad Girls
s02ep06 Poisoned Pill
s02ep05 VIP Treatment
s02ep04 Cleaning House
s02ep03 Breaking Fast
s02ep02 Double Jeopardy
s02ep01 Taking Control
Сезон 1
s01ep23 Running
s01ep22 Hybristophilia
s01ep21 Unplugged
s01ep20 Mock
s01ep19 Boom
s01ep18 Doubt
s01ep17 Heart
s01ep16 Fleas
s01ep15 Bang
s01ep14 Hi
s01ep13 Bad
s01ep12 Painkiller
s01ep11 Infamy
s01ep10 Lifeguard
s01ep09 Threesome
s01ep08 Unprepared
s01ep07 Unorthodox
s01ep06 Conjugal
s01ep05 Crash
s01ep04 Fixed
s01ep03 Home
s01ep02 Stripped
s01ep01 Pilot