Год: 2015 – …
Жанр: драма, комедия, фэнтези
Телесеть: Hallmark
В ролях: Кэтрин Белл, Бэйли Мэдисон, Джеймс Дентон, Катрин Дишер, Энтони Лемке, Rhys Matthew Bond, Дэн Джиннотт, Ханна Эндикотт-Дуглас, Сара Пауэр, Раиса Кондраки
Сезон 5
s05ep10 The Graduation
s05ep09 The Comet
s05ep08 The Treasure
s05ep07 The Grey-cation
s05ep06 The Road Trip
s05ep05 The Tea
s05ep04 The Prince
s05ep03 The Honeymoon
s05ep02 The Forever Tree Pt. 2
s05ep01 The Forever Tree Pt. 1
Сезон 4
s04ep10 Tossing the Bouquet
s04ep09 How to Make a Middleton Quilt
s04ep08 All Dressed Up
s04ep07 Til Death Do Us Part
s04ep06 Match Game
s04ep05 Written Like a Merriwick
s04ep04 Family Time
s04ep03 Daddy's Home
s04ep02 In 4/4, With Emotion
s04ep01 With This Ring
s04ep00 Halloween Special
Сезон 3
s03ep10 Not Getting Married Today (2)
s03ep09 Not Getting Married Today (1)
s03ep08 Somewhat Surprising
s03ep07 In Sickness and in Health
s03ep06 Say It With Candy
s03ep05 A Birthday Wish
s03ep04 How to Say 'I Love You!'
s03ep03 Day After Day
s03ep02 Without Magic for a Spell
s03ep01 A Budding Romance
s03ep00 Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House
Сезон 2
s02ep14 неизвестно Episode 14
s02ep13 неизвестно Episode 13
s02ep12 неизвестно Episode 12
s02ep11 неизвестно Episode 11
s02ep10 A Perfect Match (2)
s02ep09 A Perfect Match (1)
s02ep08 Truth
s02ep07 What's Your Secret?
s02ep06 Risk
s02ep05 Surprise Me
s02ep04 The Trouble with Love
s02ep03 Out of the Past
s02ep02 Driven
s02ep01 Second Time Around
s02ep00 Good Witch Halloween
Сезон 1
s01ep08 True Colors
s01ep07 Together We Stand...
s01ep06 The Storm
s01ep05 The Truth About Lies
s01ep04 All in the Family
s01ep03 Do the Right Thing
s01ep02 Running Scared
s01ep01 Starting Over… Again