Год: 2012 – …
Жанр: драма, детектив, криминал
Телесеть: TNT
Слоган: «Major Crimes. Major Convictions»
В ролях: Мэри МакДоннелл, Дж. У. Бейли, Энтони Джон Дэнисон, Майкл Пол Чан, Рэймонд Крус, Филлип П. Кин, Кирран Джованни, Грэхэм Патрик Мартин, Джонатан Дель Арко, Роберт Госсетт

Продолжение сериала «Ищейка». После увольнения Бренды Ли Джонсон руководство Отделом особо опасных преступлений полиции Лос-Анджелеса берёт в свои руки капитан Рэйдор. Однако героине предстоит работать в команде, которая заранее испытывает к ней антипатию — ведь антипатию к ней всегда испытывала шеф Джонсон.

Сезон 6
s06ep13 By Any Means: Part 4
s06ep12 By Any Means: Part 3
s06ep11 By Any Means: Part 2
s06ep10 By Any Means: Part 1
s06ep09 Conspiracy Theory: Part 4
s06ep08 Conspiracy Theory: Part 3
s06ep07 Conspiracy Theory: Part 2
s06ep06 Conspiracy Theory: Part 1
s06ep05 Sanctuary City: Part 5
s06ep04 Sanctuary City: Part 4
s06ep03 Sanctuary City: Part 3
s06ep02 Sanctuary City: Part 2
s06ep01 Sanctuary City: Part 1
Сезон 5
s05ep21 Shockwave: Part 2
s05ep20 Shockwave: Part 1
s05ep19 Intersection
s05ep18 Bad Blood
s05ep17 Dead Drop
s05ep16 Quid Pro Quo
s05ep15 Cleared History
s05ep14 Heart Failure
s05ep13 White Lies: Part 3
s05ep12 White Lies: Part 2
s05ep11 White Lies: Part 1
s05ep10 Dead Zone
s05ep09 Family Law
s05ep08 Off the Wagon
s05ep07 Moral Hazard
s05ep06 Tourist Trap
s05ep05 Cashed Out
s05ep04 Skin Deep
s05ep03 Foreign Affairs
s05ep02 N.S.F.W.
s05ep01 Present Tense
Сезон 4
s04ep23 Hindsight: Part 5
s04ep22 Hindsight: Part 4
s04ep21 Hindsight: Part 3
s04ep20 Hindsight: Part 2
s04ep19 Hindsight: Part 1
s04ep18 Penalty Phase
s04ep17 #FindKaylaWeber
s04ep16 Thick as Thieves
s04ep15 The Jumping Off Point
s04ep14 Taking the Fall
s04ep13 Reality Check
s04ep12 Blackout
s04ep11 Four of a Kind
s04ep10 Fifth Dynasty
s04ep09 Wish You Were Here
s04ep08 Hostage of Fortune
s04ep07 Targets of Opportunity
s04ep06 Personal Effects
s04ep05 Snitch
s04ep04 Turn Down
s04ep03 Open Line
s04ep02 Sorry I Missed You
s04ep01 A Rose is a Rose
Сезон 3
s03ep19 Special Master Part Two
s03ep18 Special Master Part One
s03ep17 Internal Affairs
s03ep16 Leap of Faith
s03ep15 Chain Reaction
s03ep14 Trial by Fire
s03ep13 Acting Out
s03ep12 Party Foul
s03ep11 Down the Drain
s03ep10 Zoo Story
s03ep09 Sweet Revenge
s03ep08 Cutting Loose
s03ep07 Two Options
s03ep06 Jane Doe #38
s03ep05 Do Not Disturb
s03ep04 Letting It Go
s03ep03 Frozen Assets
s03ep02 Personal Day
s03ep01 Flight Risk
Сезон 2
s02ep19 Return to Sender (2)
s02ep18 Return to Sender (1)
s02ep17 Year-End Blowout
s02ep16 Risk Assessment
s02ep15 Curve Ball
s02ep14 All In
s02ep13 Jailbait
s02ep12 Pick Your Poison
s02ep11 Poster Boy
s02ep10 Backfire
s02ep09 There's No Place Like Home
s02ep08 The Deep End
s02ep07 Rules of Engagement
s02ep06 Boys Will Be Boys
s02ep05 D.O.A.
s02ep04 I, Witness
s02ep03 Under the Influence
s02ep02 False Pretenses
s02ep01 Final Cut
Сезон 1
s01ep10 Long Shot
s01ep09 Cheaters Never Prosper
s01ep08 Dismissed with Prejudice
s01ep07 The Shame Game
s01ep06 Out of Bounds
s01ep05 Citizens Arrest
s01ep04 The Ecstasy and the Agony
s01ep03 Medical Causes
s01ep02 Before and After
s01ep01 Reloaded