Год: 20092011
Жанр: драма, комедия
Телесеть: HBO
Слоган: «It's hard to make an indecent living»
В ролях: Томас Джейн, Джейн Адамс, Чарли Сэкстон, Сианоа Смит-МакФи, Энн Хеч, Ребекка Крескофф, Грегг Генри, Эдди Джемисон, Ленни Джеймс, Мэрилуиз Бёрк
Сезон 3
s03ep10 The Whole Beefalo 04
s03ep09 'A Monkey Named Simian' or 'Frances is Not a Fan'
s03ep08 'I, Sandee' or 'This Sex. Which Is. Not One.'
s03ep07 'What's Going on Downstairs?' or 'Don't Eat Prince Eric!'
s03ep06 'Money on the Floor'
s03ep05 'We're Golden' or 'Crooks and Big Beaver'
s03ep04 'Fuck Me, Mr. Drecker' or 'Let's Not Go to Jail'
s03ep03 'Mister Drecker' or 'Ease Up on the Whup-Ass'
s03ep02 'Take the Cake' or 'Are You Packing?'
s03ep01 'Don't Give Up on Detroit' or 'Hung Like a Horse'
Сезон 2
s02ep10 'Even Steven' or 'Luckiest Kid in Detroit'
s02ep09 'Fat Off My Love' or 'I'm the Allergen'
s02ep08 'Third Base' or 'The Rash'
s02ep07 The Middle East Is Complicated
s02ep06 Beaverland
s02ep05 'A Man, A Plan' or 'Thank You, Jimmy Carter'
s02ep04 'Sing It Again Ray' or 'Home Plate'
s02ep03 'Mind Bullets' or 'Bang Bang Bang Bang Motherfucker'
s02ep02 'Tucson Is the Gateway to Dick' or 'This Is Not Sexy'
s02ep01 Just the Tip
Сезон 1
s01ep10 A Dick and a Dream or Fight the Honey
s01ep09 This Is America or Fifty Bucks
s01ep08 Thith Ith a Prothetic or You Cum Just Right
s01ep07 The Rita Flower or The Indelible Stench
s01ep06 Doris Is Dead or Are We Rich or Are We Poor?
s01ep05 Do it, Monkey!
s01ep04 The Pickle Jar
s01ep03 Strange Friends or The Truth Is, You're Sexy
s01ep02 Great Sausage or Can I Call You Dick?
s01ep01 Pilot