Год: 2009 – …
Жанр: драма, детектив, фантастика, триллер
Телесеть: Syfy
Слоган: «У необъяснимого есть адрес»
В ролях: Эдди МакКлинток, Джоэнн Келли, Сол Рубинек, Эллисон Скальотти, Дженелл Уильямс, Аарон Эшмор, Си Си Эйч Паундер, Джейми Мюррэй, Саймон Рейнольдс, Фаран Таир
Сезон 5
s05ep07 Christmas Special
s05ep06 Endless
s05ep05 Cangku Shisi
s05ep04 Savage Seduction
s05ep03 A Faire to Remember
s05ep02 Secret Services
s05ep01 Endless Terror
Сезон 4
s04ep20 The Truth Hurts
s04ep19 All the Time in the World
s04ep18 Lost and Found
s04ep17 What Matters Most
s04ep16 Runaway
s04ep15 Instinct
s04ep14 The Sky's the Limit
s04ep13 The Big Snag
s04ep12 Parks and Rehabilitation
s04ep11 The Living and the Dead
s04ep10 We All Fall Down
s04ep09 The Ones You Love
s04ep08 Second Chance
s04ep07 Endless Wonder
s04ep06 Fractures
s04ep05 No Pain, No Gain
s04ep04 There's Always a Downside
s04ep03 Personal Effects
s04ep02 An Evil Within
s04ep01 A New Hope
Сезон 3
s03ep13 The Greatest Gift
s03ep12 Stand (2)
s03ep11 Emily Lake (1)
s03ep10 Insatiable
s03ep09 Shadows
s03ep08 The 40th Floor
s03ep07 Past Imperfect
s03ep06 Don't Hate the Player
s03ep05 3...2...1...
s03ep04 Queen for a Day
s03ep03 Love Sick
s03ep02 Trials
s03ep01 The New Guy
Сезон 2
s02ep13 Secret Santa
s02ep12 Reset (2)
s02ep11 Buried (1)
s02ep10 Where and When
s02ep09 Vendetta
s02ep08 Merge With Caution
s02ep07 For the Team
s02ep06 Around the Bend
s02ep05 13.1
s02ep04 Age Before Beauty
s02ep03 Beyond Our Control
s02ep02 Mild Mannered
s02ep01 Time Will Tell
Сезон 1
s01ep12 MacPherson
s01ep11 Nevermore
s01ep10 Breakdown
s01ep09 Regrets
s01ep08 Duped
s01ep07 Implosion
s01ep06 Burnout
s01ep05 Elements
s01ep04 Claudia
s01ep03 Magnetism
s01ep02 Resonance
s01ep01 Pilot